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Tyres Bartley Green

Lying on the M5 motorway, Bartley Green is a suburban region in Birmingham. Looking for new car tyres in Bartley Green?

Tyre Lab is there to help. To meet the needs of car owners, we are expanding our extensive stock of car tyres in Bartley Green. We specialise in high quality tyres to suit all makes and models of car. Explore our offer together!

Our tyre inventory includes a number of models and varieties, such as:

Performance tyres: When driving at high speed, the high-quality rubber material of the carcass of the performance tyres minimises excessive heat accumulation. In addition, they have a low aspect ratio, which improves precision and cornering traction.

Winter tyres: Winter tyres are made of a soft rubber compound that is suitable for temperatures below 7°C. On snowy surfaces, the deeper pattern and high density of the lamellae ensure a firm grip and good resistance to aquaplaning.

All-season tyres: All-season tyres have a medium tread depth and rubber compound that allows them to perform well in both summer and winter weather. These tyres are best suited for car owners who do not need seasonal tyres and drive fewer miles per year.

Summer tyres: These tyres have a low natural rubber content, shallow tread depth and a low density of sipes. They also have a hard rubber composition. These characteristics allow summer tyres to perform at their peak levels, providing sufficient grip and resistance to aquaplaning on hot summer roads.

Run-flat tyres: Perfect for longer journeys, run-flat tyres retain their grip on the rim even after a puncture. In case of air loss, they are equipped with a self-supporting ring and a support ring system that protects them from deflation immediately.

You can choose models from some of the leading tyre brands in the automotive industry, whether you like luxury, mid-range or cheap tyres in Bartley Green. In our tyre collection you will find brands, such as Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Falken, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Churchill and many others.

Buy Car Tyres In Bartley Green Online

The best part is that you can now shop our products while relaxing at your home, office or anywhere else. Simply enter your tyre size information or your vehicle registration number in the tyre search tool of our website. Pick a product that best suits your needs and budget from our virtual tyre catalogue.

This makes us a reliable garage in Bartley Green, retailing car tyres for every driving need. Hence, without looking any further for “car tyres near me”, come down to us at A G L House, 133 Birmingham Rd, Birmingham B71 4JZ. We are just around 20 minutes away from your location via the M5 motorway.

For any further information feel free to contact us at or 0330 043 1494.