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If you are planning to purchase a new set of tyres, look no further. Tyre Lab retails all kinds of car tyres Birmingham, each of which comes affixed with its EU tyre label.

What is a tyre label?

Introduced by the EU in 2012, tyre labels provide crucial information about the unit’s performance metrics so that customers can make an informed buying decision.

An EU tyre label primarily contains three key features of a tyre, namely fuel economy, wet grip and noise.

  • Fuel economy

The fuel economy is indicated through a coloured scale with a black arrow and an alphabet. This alphabet ranges from A to G; the colour of this scale varies from green to red. Here, a green “A” represents the best fuel economy, while red “G” indicates the worst.

The fuel economy of an A-rated unit and a G-rated tyre can vary by 7.5%. Further, tyres account for 20% of your vehicle’s overall fuel consumption. Therefore, car owners need to pick tyres Birmingham that have a high fuel efficiency rating.

  • Wet grip

The wet grip indicator has a black arrow with an alphabet in white. This scale ranges from A to G, which depict the stopping distance of the tyre on wet surfaces. The difference between each letter from A to G is about 2.5 metres when braking from 50mph. This means that in this circumstance, an A-rated tyre will come to a stop 18 metres before an F-rated tyre on wet surfaces.

Therefore, when on the lookout for “tyres near me”, make sure to choose an A-rated unit.

  • Noise

You can recognise a tyre labelling for noise by its ‘loudspeaker’ symbol and three ‘sound waves’ beside it. Tyre noise is rated by one, two or three bars and a number written in white on the right. One black bar means that the tyre’s external noise is 3dB or below the future EU regulation. On the other hand, two black bars mean that the tyre meets EU regulation, while three bars indicate that it does not.

Needless to say, an EU tyre label offers valuable particulars about the unit to consumers. But it also useful from a manufacturer’s point-of-view. Manufacturers can deftly communicate the quality of their product to buyers through a tyre label.

Additionally, figures suggest that tyre wear cause considerably more pollution, as much as 1,000 times more than exhaust emissions. So, these labels also curb pollution by indicating the impact of the tyre on the environment.

Therefore, if you wish to buy top-grade and efficient car tyres Birmingham, do not think twice and get in touch with Tyre Lab.

Just head over to our website, book your preferred tyre models and opt for our mail order facility.