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With mid-size SUVs dominating the UK market, the use of standard car tyres can hardly meet challenging on and off-road driving requirements. Hence, you must equip your SUV with specialised 4x4 tyres that guarantee optimum performance and grip in different terrains and weather conditions.

At Tyre Lab, we stock a wide range of 4x4 tyres Birmingham. Call us and our professionals will guide you to select the right set of 4x4 tyres.

We stock budget, mid-range, and premium tyres. You can now easily book your preferred set of 4x4 tyres online from our website and make the most of our mail order facility.

Different types of 4x4 tyres available with us

At Tyre Lab, you can choose from a superb range of 4X4 units as per your driving requirements.

Following is a list of 4x4 units we retail at our garage.

    • Highway-Terrain tyres: Highway-Terrain (H/T) variants are lightweight and feature a unique tread pattern that ensures smooth on-road driving experience. They come with a higher speed rating as well.
    • All-Terrain tyres: All-Terrain tyres or A/T units last longer and are highly resistant to punctures. They offer a perfect balance of on-road and off-road handling performance.
    • Mud-Terrain tyres: Crafted with deeper tread patterns, Mud-Terrain units offer exceptional off-roading capabilities on challenging terrains, like rock, mud, sand, etc.

Factors to consider while looking for “4x4 tyres near me”

We, at Tyre Lab, highly recommend customers to fit the same type of 4x4 units on all four wheels. Fitting different tyres will not only affect performance and handling, but will also cause safety issues.

If you are all set to buy 4x4 tyres to upgrade your driving experience, there are a few factors that you must consider.

    • Tread: Featuring an aggressive tread pattern and deeper tread grooves, 4X4 variants offer enhanced mileage, increased traction, puncture-resistance and durability.
    • Carcass: Carcass of a tyre is responsible for nearly 70% of its strength. 4X4 variants come with a strong carcass which ensures maximum load-carrying capacity, enhanced puncture resistance and improved heat dispersion. Also, the carcass of a 4x4 unit accounts for its superior steering response.
    • Compound: 4X4 tyres are manufactured with high-quality silica-enriched rubber compounds to adapt to various off-road conditions. The silica-infused rubber compounds ensure improved contact with the road, enhanced grip, fuel efficiency and less rolling resistance.

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