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Are You Looking for Car Tyres Kidderminster

Kidderminster is a civil parish located about 17 miles southwest of Birmingham and 15 miles north of Worcester. Motorists here looking for quality tyres can turn to Tyre Lab.

We are an authorised tyre dealer in the vicinity, housing an impressive variety of tyre models from leading manufacturers across the globe. Keeping budget as a considerate factor, we stock tyres in all price brackets - from premium to cheap tyres Kidderminster. Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you-

Car tyres Kidderminster we stock

Summer Tyres

Equip your vehicle with summer units to ensure matchless performance when the temperature shoots above 7oC.

The hard rubber compound delivers improved traction, maintaining the tyres’ structural integrity at higher temperatures. You can save on fuel as these variants help reduce rolling resistance significantly. Moreover, the longitudinal grooves efficiently evacuate water from the path, assuring optimal road safety.

Top picks

  • Pilot Sport 4S from Michelin
  • Premium Contact 6 from Continental

Winter Tyres

The deeper treads of this variant prevent snow-build up and help to disperse slush and snow to minimise the risks of hydroplaning. The softer rubber compound is responsible for flexibility even if the temperature drops below 7oC. The most notable feature of this variant is its biting edges or tiny slits. They remarkably improve grip and traction on snow-laden roads, ensuring maximum safety.


  • Cinturato Winter from Pirelli
  • Blizzak LM005 from Bridgestone

All-season tyres

Striking a balance between summer and winter models, all season tyres deliver maximum performance in moderate temperatures. They feature high-density sipes, which help them maintain stability even on light snow or ice. The intermediate rubber compound offers improved durability, preventing premature wear and tear. Thanks to its moderate tread depth, it can adapt to changing temperatures.

If you want to experience a comfortable and quiet ride, switch to this variant now.


  • AllSeasonContact from Continental
  • CrossClimate+ from Michelin

4x4 tyres

Buy your preferred set of 4x4 tyres Kidderminster at competitive rates from us. But before you upgrade your driving experience, learn why these variants are matchless for your SUVs.

4X4 units come with an aggressive tread pattern and deeper tread grooves, enhancing mileage and traction. The sturdy tread also prevents punctures and maximises durability. Manufactured with silica-enriched rubber compounds, this variant improves tyre-road contact and provides a superior grip, improved fuel efficiency, etc. Also, the robust carcass is responsible for excellent load-bearing capacity and heat dispersion.


  • Grandtrek AT3G from Dunlop
  • Scorpion All Terrain Plus from Pirelli

Besides these, we also retail performance, run-flat tyres and more.

Why choose us?

We extend emergency tyre supply to unburden your trouble, such as a sudden tyre blowout or any other tyre damage.

Furthermore, you can buy tyres online from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is enter your vehicle’s registration number on our online tyre finder. You can also provide the tyre size details on our portal and select from our exhaustive range.

Get your preferred set of tyres delivered to your doorstep with our mail-order facility.

Alternatively, you can buy tyres straight from our shop. We are located at A G L House, 133 Birmingham Rd, Birmingham B71 4JZ. Route your drive via A456 and M5 to reach us at the earliest.

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