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Tyres Soho

Located about 2 miles northwest of Birmingham city centre, Soho is an area within Central Birmingham and Smethwick. Located along the A41 route, Soho falls under the jurisdiction of both the Soho ward of the City of Birmingham and the Soho and Victoria ward of the Borough of Sandwell.

If you are looking for garages selling tyres in Soho, Tyre Lab is the perfect solution for all your requirements.

Located at A G L House, 133 Birmingham Rd, Birmingham B71 4JZ, it takes around 7-8 minutes to reach us from Soho via A41.

For more information about our tyre catalogue and how to buy, continue reading and end your “tyre garage near me” searches.

How To Book Car Tyres In Soho From Our Homepage?

For the convenience of our customers, we offer an online booking facility through our homepage. To book tyres online, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Enter the dimensions of the tyres you need in the online tyre finder tool..

(If you are unaware of the dimensions, inspect the sidewalls of the existing tyres to find out.)

Step 2: From the list of our approved garages, choose the most convenient garage in Soho from your location.

Step 3: Select the type and brand of tyres you need along with the required quantity.

Step 4: Schedule a date and time at your convenience to visit the said garage for the installation of the tyres.

Get All Types of Tyres in Soho At Affordable Prices

We are one of the highly recommended garages operating around Soho, retailing all types of tyres at competitive prices.

Do you have a constrained budget and are looking to buy cheap tyres in Soho?

Contact us for all types of branded tyres within affordable price brackets.

Irrespective of whether you are buying a premium or budget tyre, our mechanics individually inspect each tyre before cataloguing it in our inventory and during fitting. This ensures that our tyres provide you with the best safety and driving experience.

Types Of Tyres We Retail

Performance Tyres: They are generally used in sports cars and high-speed vehicles. They provide excellent steering control and cornering precision at high speeds.

Winter Tyres: Recommended by experts to use under temperatures below 7 degrees. They ensure proper traction on snowy and slippery roads.

All-Season Tyres: Made of special rubber compounds, you can use all-season tyres all year round in moderator temperatures.

Run-Flat Tyres: Consists of reinforced sidewalls and self-supporting rings, they ensure that cars can travel to safe distances up to 50 miles even after punctures.

4x4 Tyres: They have specially designed aggressive tread patterns, that provide proper grip and traction to SUVs during offroading.

Summer Tyres: Made of hard rubber compounds, our summer tyres in Soho should be used during temperatures above 7 degrees. Their shallow tread depth ensures proper traction on wet and dry roads.

We are also a reliable emergency tyre service provider in Soho. Contact us at 0330 043 1494 to get swift tyre delivery with our emergency tyre supply service.

Write to us at for any type of expert opinion.