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Tyres Swindon

Swindon is a town located in Wiltshire and lies close to the A440 route. Are you worried about your tyre replacement needs while travelling on this route?

In such cases, consider visiting Tyre Lab. To meet different needs and price ranges, we offer a wide range of car tyres in Swindon. Do not hesitate to come to us if you need to buy cheap tyres in Swindon. We stock tyres from well-known affordable manufacturers such as Triangle, Hankook, Avon, Jinyu, Toyo, Maxxis and more.

In addition, we have a large selection of car tyres from top manufacturers such as Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone and more. Further, our garage offers the following types of tyres:

Winter tyres: Winter tyres are made from a soft rubber compound and have a high sipe density, making them ideal for driving in snow covered roads. Thanks to their special properties, they offer excellent resistance to aquaplaning on slippery roads.

Run-Flat tyres: If you don't want to carry an extra pair of tyres on longer trips, consider switching to run-flat tyres. Thanks to self-supporting technology, these tyres can maintain their structural integrity even after a puncture.

All-Season tyres: With a moderate rubber and tread compound, all-season tyres are a fantastic choice for the not-so-frequent driver, performing well in both mild summer and winter weather.

Performance tyres: Designed for sports cars, performance tyres have a low aspect ratio and a unique rubber compound that promotes flexibility at high speeds and precise handling.

4x4 tyres: Ideal for SUVs and 4x4 vehicles, these tyres feature a robust construction that can support the heavy weight of the vehicle's chassis. They also have an aggressive tread pattern that ensures sufficient traction on unpaved surfaces.

In addition to these types of tyres, we also offer summer tyres at a reasonable price.

Don't hesitate to stop by if you want personalised tyre recommendations from our tyre experts. Our garage in Swindon is located at 133 Birmingham Road, A G L House, Birmingham, B71 4JZ, which is approximately a 40 minute commute from your current location on the B4176 route.

Alternatively, if you need an emergency tyre supply, we recommend using our online tyre booking facility to place your order from anywhere.

Look no further for "car tyres near me". Call us now! Contact us on 0330 043 1494 or email us at with any questions and we'll get back to you shortly.