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Tyres Stafford

Are you a resident vehicle owner, looking to buy car tyres Stafford from a reliable garage?

Turn to Tyre Lab and let our experts take care of the rest. We are a trusted tyre retailer in the vicinity rooting for your maximum driving comfort and safety.

Situated in the country town of Staffordshire, Stafford is located around 23.5 miles from our location. So, you can reach us in less than 40 minutes via M6.

Find us at 133 Birmingham Rd, Birmingham B71 4JZ.

Buy tyres online!

If you are unable to drive down to our facility, you can mail order your preferred tyres, and we will get them delivered to your given address. Simply add in your vehicle’s registration number or tyre size to place your order.

Why us?

We are seriously committed to satisfying our customers’ tyre requirements. At Tyre Lab, we take in reviews from our diverse clientele and strive hard to make necessary changes to meet your requirements. Here are a few pointers that will further push your trust towards us:

  • Friendly professionals to assist you whenever in doubt
  • Expansive inventory of leading tyre brands at competitive prices
  • User-friendly website so that you can easily order tyres online, etc.

Tyre variants available at our facility

Take a look at the various tyre categories available with us:

All-season tyres

Equip your vehicle with all-season variants and skip seasonal tyre changes! If you stay in an area with moderate weather conditions, all-season variants are your best bet.

Packed with both summer and winter tyre characteristics, these variants provide optimal traction, handling, and grip all year round.

We, at Tyre Lab, take pride in our vast inventory of premium, mid-range, and cheap tyres Stafford for all vehicle makes and models. We stock variants from renowned manufacturers, like:

  • Avon
  • Goodyear, etc.

4x4 tyres

Prepare your SUV for an extreme off-road driving experience by purchasing 4x4 tyres Stafford from us. We stock an expansive inventory of 4x4 tyres that you can choose from as per your preference.

Take your pick from these 4x4 tyre variants available with us:

  • Highway-terrain
  • Mud-terrain
  • All-terrain

Summer tyres

Summer variants are perfect for use on hot and dry tarmacs. These tyres come with a hard rubber compound that enhances handling and traction during hot weather conditions. Our inventory consists of summer tyres from leading manufacturers around the world.

Looking for other variants?

We also sell:

  • Run-flat tyres
  • Performance tyres

We also provide emergency tyre supply!

Get in touch with us, and we will fulfil your emergency requirements by delivering tyres right to your location.

Reach out to us at