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Continental, one of the leading brands in the world, was also the first German company to introduce tubeless tyres for commercial vehicles.

Continental tyres Birmingham are popular for their superlative handling performance and driving safety in any weather and road condition.

Need to buy Continental tyres Birmingham?

You needn’t look any further than Tyre Lab. We stock all categories of Continental tyres, namely summer, winter, all-season, performance, 4x4 and run-flats. Book your preferred set online from our website and opt for our mail order facility. 

Top Continental tyres Birmingham

  • Conti Premium Contact 5 SUV

These summer 4x4 units ensure impressive traction, fuel efficiency and driving comfort besides reducing the risks of hydroplaning.

  • Conti Winter Contact TS 850

Conti Winter Contact TS 850 tyres come with deeper grooves and rounded tread blocks that increase contact area with the road surface, thereby improving traction. With enhanced braking and cornering capabilities on ice-clad roads, you can enjoy optimum driving safety. These units also offer reduced rolling resistance which ensures increased mileage and fuel efficiency. 

  • Conti Eco Contact 5

Looking to purchase Continental tyres Birmingham for the summer season? Then, your best bet would be to buy Conti Eco Contact 5 tyres. One of the key features of these tyres is that its unique design offers short braking distances. These units also enhance braking and cornering efficiency on wet and dry roads.

Moreover, these Continental tyres are manufactured with the advanced ContiSeal technology that allows you to continue driving up to a certain distance even with a flat. 

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Choose from our comprehensive inventory at your convenience. Please call us on 03445070169 for more details.

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