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Established in the year 1904, Avon began its journey from manufacturing pneumatic tyres for bicycles to engineering specialised units for different vehicles. Currently, the company focuses on producing units using the latest technologies and puts all Avon tyres Birmingham through a punishing test regime to ensure performance and stability.


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Popular Avon car tyres Birmingham

  • All-season tyres

AS7 All Season

These Avon tyres Birmingham come with several tread blocks which ensure a wider footprint, covering more surface area for enhanced traction. Also, the slightly hard rubber composition and shallow tread pattern optimise handling performance on wet and dry roads.

  • Performance tyres


This performance unit comes with deeper grooves and a V-shaped tread pattern that ensure optimum traction. It also comes with several sipes, enhances your vehicle’s handling abilities and also reduces the chances of aquaplaning. 

Other popular Avon tyres

  • ZT7 (Summer tyres)
  • ZT5 (Winter tyres)

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