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Established in the year 1942, Nexen is popular for its superior quality UHP and winter SUV tyres at competitive prices. These tyres have recently witnessed a rise in demand in the UK market owing to their superlative performance in any weather condition.

You can now purchase Nexen tyres Birmingham from Tyre Lab. Check out our inventory, book your preferred tyre models and opt for our convenient and hassle-free mail order facility.

What Nexen tyres can we provide?

  • High-performance tyres


These Nexen tyres Birmingham come with a softer rubber composition and rigid sidewalls that optimise traction on snow and ice-covered roads. Also, it offers your vehicle optimum responsiveness and steering performance.

It also reduces your vehicle’s braking distance. These units can resist heat build-up, thus preventing tread wear prematurely.

  • Winter tyres


Winter tyres come with a higher natural rubber composition, thereby improving grip on icy or snowy surfaces. These tyres also come with several tiny grooves, which ensure to help disperse water to the sides, reducing the chances of hydroplaning.

  • Summer tyres

NFERA Primus

The harder rubber composition of these tyres improves your car’s handling performance and stability during the summer months. Also, it comes with specially designed tread bars that help minimise aquaplaning.


Other popular Nexen tyres

  • NBlue HD Plus (Premium high-performance)
  • NBlue 4seasons (All-season)

So, quit searching for “Nexen tyres near me” and buy them online today.

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