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Established in 1900, Firestone initially produced solid rubber side-wire tyres for fire apparatus. It later started manufacturing pneumatic tyres for wagons, buggies, and other wheeled transport. Today, Firestone has become the go-to brand for anyone looking for quality tyres at a reasonable price. 

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Firestone has also been a notable tyre supplier for various championships. Cars that won the Indianapolis 500 between 1920 and 1966 were all fitted with Firestone units.

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(Winter tyres)


These Firestone tyres come with a V-shaped tread pattern comprising several sipes that improve traction on snow and ice-covered roads. The softer rubber composition and wider tread blocks offer optimum handling and control.

(All-season tyres)


We recommend you install these Firestone tyres Birmingham on your vehicle for appreciable round-the-year performance. These come with moderate tread depth that enhances performance and stability on wet and dry roads in moderate weather conditions.

Some other Firestone tyre categories available with us are:

  • Summer tyres
  • Performance tyres
  • 4x4 tyres
  • Run-flats, etc.

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