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Pirelli, established in the year 1872, is known for its superior products and innovative tyre technologies. The company owns more than 19 production plants in over 12 countries.

Pirelli tyres Birmingham ensure optimized grip even at high speeds. They offer impressive handling and steering responsiveness and are thus extremely popular among customers in the UK.

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Popular Pirelli car tyres that we retail

  • Summer tyres

P Zero Corsa

Searching for exclusive summer tyres for your vehicle? P Zero Corsa is one of our best-selling summer ultra-high-performance tyres.

These Pirelli tyres Birmingham are specially designed with a unique tread compound, which enhances your automobile’s braking performance. The unique tread design also offers enhanced traction and driving stability in different road conditions. 

  • Winter tyres

P Zero Winter

Pirelli P Zero winter car tyres Birmingham optimise traction on icy or snowy roads. It ensures performance and stability of your vehicle even on slippery surfaces, reducing the risks of aquaplaning. The tread compound reduces rolling resistance, thereby improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. 

  • All-season tyres

Cinturato All Season Plus

In the UK’s dynamic weather conditions, opt for Pirelli’s Cinturato All Season Plus for smooth handling performance. The directional tread pattern on these tyres enhances driving stability on wet and dry roads. Their 3D sipes improve traction along with enhancing steering response and cornering precision. These tyres also come with run-flat technologies, thereby allowing you to continue driving up to a certain distance even with a flat. 

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