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Are you in search of the best “tyres near me”?

Established in 1927, Yokohama is one of the premium tyre manufacturers in the world. At Tyre Lab, we stock an expansive selection of Yokohama tyres Birmingham. From performance tyres and 4x4 units to seasonal tyres and run-flats, we can meet all your driving requirements without any hassle.

Yokohama summer tyres

This Japanese tyre brand has an outstanding selection of car tyres Birmingham manufactured specifically to suit varying weather conditions. Its summer tyres are no different. These are manufactured with unique hard rubber compounds in order to provide maximum grip, braking and cornering stability.

Some of the best-selling Yokohama tyres Birmingham for summer include Bluearth-GT AE51, Advan Sport V105, Advan Fleva V701, etc.

Yokohama winter tyres

Yokohama manufactures some of the best-in-class winter tyres to ensure the ultimate driving safety on sleet and snow. These tyres provide superior steering performance and excellent car handling in the UK winters.

Manufactured with soft rubber compounds, grooved treads and a high density of sipes, winter-specific Yokohama car tyres Birmingham optimise traction and are also efficient in increasing aquaplaning resistance.

W.Drive V902B, Bluearth Winter V905, W.Drive V902A, and Bluearth Winter V906 are some of the safest and best-performing units from our winter catalogue of Yokohama tyres.

Yokohama all-season tyres

The unique tread patterns on these tyres make them capable of delivering optimum traction on wet and muddy roads as well as a firm grip on dry terrains.

Some of our best-sellers include Advan Sport A/5+, Bluearth-4S AW21, Avid Ascend GT, and Avid Ascend LX.

To buy Yokohama tyres Birmingham visit our website and choose from our expansive inventory. We recommend you simply book tyres from our website and opt for the mail order facility.

Please call us on 03445070169 for further details.

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